Lankam Creating Simple and Vigorous Booth to Help Bellinturf to Stand Out

2016-07-11 LANKAM read

Bellinturf, one of worlds largest enterprises producing artificial grass, plastic carpet, chemical fibber carpet and golf products, cooperating with Lankam, showed with a high profile in FSB 2015. Bellinturf attracted many visitors for its excellent football stadium styling!


With its professional design, Lankam tried its best to create a booth image, a combination of sports and fashion elements. The overall design, focused on football and sport characters etc. reflecting the characteristics of lawn products, highlighting the youth and vigor. Perfect combination of the white and tender green showed a fresh and stylish visual effect. A combination of brief but not simple styling and Bellinturfs creative plane created a sense of sport science and technology.


High quality of the booth project along with a serious attitude to cooperation made Lankam highly praised by Bellinturf. It is believed there will be more opportunities for cooperation in the future.