Thanks Note from Chinese Zhongwang

2016-07-11 LANKAM read

As the second largest industrial aluminum profile researcher and developer in the world and the biggest one in Asia and China, Zhongwang Group attended Aluminum USA. Showing up in high profile with help of LANKAM, China Zhongwang enjoyed a high popularity.


With the stand opening at three faces, the layout is clear with reception area, open area for meeting, closed area for VIP meeting, and product display area. The smooth design, which is succinct and perceptual, combines the object background with product display.


The unique design by LANKAM brings different visual effect with different materials. The display area is standing out with baked exhibition stand combined with green carpet showing the image of environmental protection and dynamic technology. In negotiation area, wood decoration combined with baked negotiation table creates a harmonious negotiation environment with freshness and comfort.

The exhibition standing is not only ‘beautiful’, but also ‘useful’. It is perfect from the scientificity  overall layout to the creativity of exhibition standing. Therefore, it leaves profound image to visitors for its characteristics.