Prioritizing of VR Devices, Summary of 2016 Cool and Funny Technological Products of Mobile World Congress (MWC) Exhibition

2016-07-11 LANKAM read

Quite a lot of cool and funny technological products were released on Mobile World Congress held this year, a large proportion was accounted b the VR products. Zuckerberg, the founder of the site 404, appeared Samsung S7 presentation and also talked a lot about the corporation of VR in the in future. Of course, there are plenty of interesting products in addition to VR. Then the author will list which handset makers issued in interesting technological products.

At the LG 360 CAM release presentation, what comes the first is a panoramic view of the Ricoh camera THETA. Although both equipped with two fish-eye lenses at the appearance, the difference is obvious. Ricoh THETA only supports panoramic photographs, while LG 360 CAM supports not only panoramic photos but also supports the panoramic video recording. The camera videos of LG 360 can be synchronized to Google street view, and another 360 degree panoramic video website video zone called 404, providing a good channel for the shared virtual reality content with the users. LG 360 VR video CAM allows users to record 2 k resolution. Three microphones at the same time providing 5.1 surround sound recordings, equipped with two 13 million ° 13 million pixels wide Angle camera, 4 GB of memory (SD card extension), and 1200 mAh battery.

LG 360 VR: Top portable VR products

LG 360 VR deserves the top portable VR products at present, as LG 360 VR requires insert no mobile phone, and this machine looks more like a pair of glasses in appearance. Only two legs of glasses are enough to withstand the weight, and LG 360 VR may be only a collapsible VR glasses. Then the user can easily bring VR equipment to anywhere and show what you want to see. With respect to the contents, LG 360 VR may be connected to LG G5 with USB Type - C, and it also can play VR video shot via LG 360camera.

LG Rolling Bot: Rolling robot

LG issued a “ball” in the presentation this year, which was Rolling Bot, up-to-date miniature robot of LG---Rolling Bot is equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared connection functions. And it is provided with the microphone, speakers, a 800 megapixel camera and laser pointer. The user is only required to guarantee online connection when the supporting app is installed in the mobile phone, so that Rolling Bot can be remotely controlled, and the home may be monitored through the camera. The rolling Bot lovely rolls on the ground is like the implication of BB - 8 in Star Wars.

Spro plus of ZET: Projection tablet

Zte Spro plus is defined by ZET as a pioneer product, a blend of the projector and tablet multi-functional product. Spro plus used the circle design elements, a better aesthetic fashion sense than that of the previous generation of products. Micro for the biggest bright spot is equipped with an 8.4 -inch AMOLED 2 k resolution touchscreen and 12100 mAH large capacity battery, which is beyond people's cognition to traditional mini projector and also true to life and work. In addition, 500 lumens projection can ensure a good visual experience with complex environment. The Spro Plus also significantly improve the projection ratio, placing the Spro Plus projection from any surface 2.4 meters, can produce 80 - inch image

Samsung GEAR, 360:360 ° Panoramic Camera

Samsung also released all-round panoramic video of VR camera Samsung Gear in S7 presentation, and Gear 360 is structured in the model of spherical shape. However, the bottom is flat plan and can stably place on the table, and it can also be connected to a standard tripod. Gear 360 is adopted with dual front and back cameras, and each lens is capable of shooting all the scenes within the scope of 195 degrees and 15 degrees overlapping scenes. The scenes are integrated via the algorithm, finally seaming into 360 ° panoramic image. However Samsung-made Gear 360 itself cant process the photo, and it is required to connect on the phone for processing via Samsung S7 or S7 Edge.

HTC VIVE consumer version: virtual reality system

At present, one of the three VR (virtual reality) big head, HTC VIVE finally released the consumer version on MWC. HTC VIVE consumer version, whose price is $799, will accept reservations on February 29, and start booking orders shipping in April, and the comprehensive spot sales will also be started. The most visible change of HTC VIVE consumer version is to use the new VIVE brand identity. At the same time, in addition to the previous developer edition, a new technological innovation is added- VIVE Phone Services, which set a new standard for VR industry again. Vive phone service enables users to connect with the real world without exiting the virtual environment, showing the innovation of the integration of virtual and reality. Users can answering the telephone, call back the missed call, read message and answer fast, and can also view the calendar invitation with the Vive wore a device directly.