How to Lear from Art Exhibition?

2016-07-12 LANKAM read

1. Display exhibition cannot lead others to learn.

Museum presents a display exhibition, playing a role in protecting achievements of human civilization and displaying them. From Musee du Louvre to Palace Museum, the display of paintings and sculptures is in basic way. Without gravity, people may be scared of the objects.

Display means to place objects, but it is terrible to place all the irrelevant objects in the same place.


2.A good exhibition will not reject from learning,but will tell you all of them.

This point is always implemented in some exhibitions for good products and luxuries because you will never buy them if you don’t understand their ideas. For example, Tailing Time by Hermes, Air Show by Nike, and some exhibitions by LV all prove this point.


This is the so called modern exhibition

“Therefore, we set a balloon labyrinth at the entrance of exhibition hall. We believe that you have a lot of ways to choose a life you want, so you will get lot. However, new choice is always ahead of you if you go straight.” Modern exhibition will create a process of understanding with overall environment. If you cannot learn in such an environment, no one can do anything about it.

3.You should visit a true solo exhibition.A good exhibition is just like a heavy rain.

Art is not news, knowledge, favor, or taste. It is the insight.

Fragmentation is not the way to understand, reading reviews cannot make these ideas become yours, and working hard is not the way to learn.


Many exhibitions of Yoshitomo Nara (also some artists with strength) will not lead you to focus on the problem of one work, but try to create a whole environment for you. What is childhood and what is scrawl? Why we feel angry and why we rip with knife? It will be more brilliant to restore a small wood house of loneliness. All of these are fixed details of feelings in life. Explanations will be written clearly, and all of these explanations can be burned if you have already understood.

Basically, it is impossible for a normal people not to learn or understand anything in such an overall environment.


In such exhibitions, you can understand one thing and know one person steadily. I think it is much more important than knowing 1,000 people and appreciating 1,000 works.